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The working class is desperately trying to defend its dignity 

Theater: Return to Reims
Regissør: Didier Eribon

French sociologist Didier Eribon's book on growing up as a gay working class child became a bestseller in Germany last year. Now Return to Reims has been staged by theater director Thomas Ostermeier.

Why was the book Return to Reims by Frenchman Didier Eribon a huge success and last year's book in Germany? It has three main reasons: First, the book became a bestseller with over ninety thousand copies sold. Second, it was commented on by most major German and national German newspapers. The third reason is that the book – despite being translated by a German publisher only seven years after its publication and despite being about the French class community, which is completely different from German – analyzes a topic that reaches out above the French and German daily news.

Didier Eribon is probably one of the most celebrated sociologists in a long time. Born in the city of Reims in 1953, Eribon is a journalist, author, sociologist and philosopher. He researches and teaches as a professor at the university. . .

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Hans-Georg Kohler
Kohler is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

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