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The world's global banking center

British imperialism does not end. London has become a global banking center with a major emphasis on the world currency euro dollars. Brexit obviously does not change that.

Tony Norfield:
The City, London and the Global Power of Finance
Verso, 2016

the-city-21It is just over a month before the UK referendum on EU membership: A full hall at SOAS (School of Oriental Studies) hears Tony Norfield admit a page to his book on the occasion of the release of City, London and the Gobal Power of Finance. Anastasia Nesvetailova, a political economist who is invited to pose critical questions about the book launch, wonders: How can a book that represents a critical and detailed review of global finance based on the City of London, not to mention the term "financialization" »With one word? The author defends his deliberate omission by claiming that terms such as "financialization" and "neoliberalism" are often used by those who believe it is possible to find a more just form of capitalism. These, he believes, often dream of a time that has never been. As if the time before neoliberalism was better politically regulated and enabled a more moderate capitalism?

Norfields almost 20 yearsHowever, his work as a broker at various investment banks in the City of London, as well as his subsequent doctorate on the subject, have left him with few illusions of what. . .

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Diesen works as an independent critic, writer and lecturer with an emphasis on applied political philosophy. veronicadiesen@gmail.com

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