The world's hardest turning point

WAR AND ENVIRONMENT: The military-economic complex is a giant environmental culprit.

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"Climate change is happening faster than we can handle, and we need to fight it in a more ambitious way," the UN Secretary-General said after Dorian ravaged the Bahamas. In a few moments we got 70 000 new climate refugees that do not necessarily have a place to escape. More than 14 million people are at risk of losing everything each year due to natural disasters, in addition to the 70 millions where many are in flight due to warping and war actions.

In 2007, we learned that climate change was going faster than anyone had expected. Last year we were informed that we have twelve years to do the full turnaround. Documentary films tell us about cities that will sink, rivers that are suffocated by plastic and large land areas that are becoming uninhabitable.

Our Head of State was visiting Florida to meet the United States Navy Minister after the UN Summit in New York. The Minister suggested that we increase the defense budget with a few P8 surveillance aircraft Made in America, so that we can be the eyes of the great power in the north.


Naomi Klein denotes the globe's unwise management of colonial rule politics; a godly belief that the West has the right to seize the resources of other nations. Brazil's President Bolsonaro claims that the indigenous peoples of his country represent an "unacceptable obstacle to development". He promised that if he became president, every centimeter of indigenous territory would be eradicated, and all farmers would be given rifles and carrying permits. C. Poirier from Amazon Watch states that in Brazil "farmers and ranch owners perceive the message as a permit to set fires to aggressively expand the business". The activities of companies such as Norsk Hydro, and our import of beef and soy for animal feed, contribute to this. Unfortunately, Bolsonaro is just one of many thugs.

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UN's climate panel talks about system changes, that we have to think and control differently, act from other attitudes. As long as we get stuck in a destructive mindset, we cannot defend ourselves against our peculiar threats.


Patterning the military and arming the world in today's situation is pure madness – especially considering that the military-economic complex is a giant environmental culprit. In addition, nuclear bombs, technological new developments, combat exercises and warrior rhetoric reinforce the "terror" of weather and nature. In September, a new type of glide bomb was tested on Andøya. US enemies are kept in age, and no one can afford to disarm. But the Earth's imminent climate danger cannot be bombed or annihilated by cunning weapons.

The fight against war and for the climate can be fought in many ways, among other things by sacrificing stunted ideas such as perpetual growth: the highest possible profitability, where the increasing debt burden is left out.

Indigenous people living with nature, not courage, are important knowledge carriers and thus potential teachers. Peace, nature protection and climate fighters, as well as solution-oriented and wet-witted people, can be a strong counter-force if we organize ourselves. Thoughtful plans are an essential tool.

Forget about today's political system, it's not enough. Is it still possible to establish a new political concept without falling into the trap and being handicapped? How about setting up a committee that looks for viable products and ideas? Can the government invest in that kind rather than sponsoring the US war industry further? How can we strengthen cohesion and solidarity and create spiritual spirit? And is it possible to push the aggressive in the human being up with the root?

Kari Elisabet Svare
Svare is a member of Grandmothers for Peace.

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