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The best of…

Two collecting plates are located on the desk. They are usually called "The best of…" and are intended to give good examples from record artists' careers.

Outer Suløen's Jass ensemble was formed in Langevåg on Sula 32 years ago. It has had an eventful history, with dozens of festival assignments, several trips to New Orleans and a whole 17 records. Now the band is out with number 18, Memories of New Orleans (Herman HJCD 2003), a collection of recordings from 1974 to 2002.

Three phases

The life of the jazz ensemble can be divided into three stages: 1973-87, when it was a pure Sula band with wind band Jarle Førde, Helge Førde, Jens Molvær and the tuba phenomenon Stein Erik Tafjord (nine LPs); 1987-92, when the band was in remodeling (a CD); and after 1992, when the wind band Kåre Nymark, Jan Inge Melsæter, Jens Molvær emerged, David Gald joined the tuba, and the majority of the musicians were settled in the Oslo area (seven CDs).

The oldest recordings are somewhat influenced by the happy amateurs, with trombone roaring and handsome perseverance. But already in 1976, the wind trio begins to sound absolutely excellent, and in the recordings from 1994, the comp has eased and the band as a whole has become among the most talented in the traditional jazz country. Why on so many records they have brought with them guest singers who alternate from mannered and extravagant to the ugly (Olivia Cooper...

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