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Berlin: Theater occupation against capitalism

In Berlin, there is now a gentrification and capitalist upheaval that is changing the city from an arsenal of art and creativity to a place for the well-to-do. It does not go unnoticed.

One day before Election Day the 24. In September, a young leftist activist group occupied the theater house Volksbühne in Berlin. As a result, theater tests at the house had to be canceled and the theater box closed. The background was that former cultural senator in Berlin Tim Renner of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) appointed Belgian museum curator Chris Dercon without theater experience to take over as new intendant at Volksbühne after the legendary Frank Castorf who had been in the chair for 25 years. This has created violent reactions and a two-year-long theater battle among the Berliners.

The theater occupation was primarily aimed at gentrification (displacement of permanent residents due to housing speculation and increased rents) and the capitalist upheavals that are taking place. . .

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Hans-Georg Kohler
Kohler is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

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