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Time for courage


Safety. That word may stand as a summary of the new government, which was presented at Slottsplassen on Monday.

Not without reason. The three party leaders, Jens Stoltenberg, Kristin Halvorsen and Åslaug Haga, will need the security they can secure as they enter into a whole new and untested government cooperation in Norwegian political history.

Both the Declaration of Government and the selection of the 19 Ministers of Government now create optimism and high expectations, as the aid environment and environmental organizations, among others, express in this week's newspaper. But at the same time, the fall height is great, perhaps especially for SV and Kristin Halvorsen.

Stoltenberg as prime minister and Haga as municipal minister are natural and obvious positions for the party leaders in the Labor Party and the Center Party. Halvorsen, on the other hand, as finance minister, is on the other hand a more problematic and challenging choice in a longer political perspective.

Halvorsen's professional background is nothing to complain about. Among other things, the eight years as a member of the Storting's finance committee in the 1990s help to give her good political weight for that. . .

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