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For the fight for nurses

Noreena Hertz scores at Morten Gamst Pedersen and writes football history with his campaign for English nurses.


Norwegian football player Morten Gamst Pedersen, who plays for the English team Blackburn, has joined New Time columnist Noreena Hertz's campaign "Mayday for nurses", where football players contribute a day's salary to nurses in England.

Hertz wrote in Ny Tid on March 30 that up to three quarters of newly qualified English nurses will not get a job, school places have been reduced by ten percent so far this year and over the next four years the UK will lack 14.000 nurses.

- Morten Gamst Pedersen told me that the nurses would not be able to get into such a terrible situation in Norway, and he felt a responsibility to support the campaign, says Hertz.

In addition to Gamst Pedersen, Hertz has brought players on five of the Premiere League teams. Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, also contributes a daily salary to the nurses.

- I am especially pleased that there are so many that of the most profiled players have been involved from the very beginning. Many have done much more than just contribute money. Ryan Giggs, who plays for Manchester United, lined up for our photo campaign.

Each player who contributes changes the life situation of at least twelve nurses. Hertz wrote in Ny Tid that she does not hesitate to use famous people as a drag aid as a method to focus on the nurses' hopeless situation.

- Are only football players able to participate?

- In total, there are more than 23.000. . .

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