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Time, space and revolution

Le monde des Grands Projets et six alone. Voyage of the new religious revolutionaries
Forfatter: Serge Quadruppani
Forlag: La Découverte (Frankrike)
On the other side of the barricades, activists are building a society where they own their own time. 

French writer and journalist Serge Quadruppani, who belongs to the left-communist environment in France and Italy and was, among other things, editor of the magazine La Banquise at the beginning of the 1980s, for a number of years traveled around and wrote reports on self-organized forms of resistance. Now he has written a longer book, Le monde des Grands Projets et six alone – "The World of Great Projects and Its Enemies" – presenting these entities as new revolutionary collective subjects fighting logistical capitalism and its ever-expanding reach. 

The book is an important contribution to the analysis of the latest phase of capitalist exploitation as well as of the ongoing cycle of protest. Quadruppani's journalistic presentation complements the more philosophical approaches that the Comité invisibles Now, Rancières And quel temps vivons-nous? and Hardt and Negris Assembly (all reviewed in Ny Tid by the undersigned). The detailed descriptions of the forms of resistance show that there is a revolutionary form of subjectivity even in the Old West, and not just among the masses in North Africa and in Southeast Asia. It is in the anti-development activism Quadruppani sees. . .

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Mikkel Bolt
Professor of political aesthetics at the University of Copenhagen.

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