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To answer the riddle no one has asked you to solve

TEXT! Art and such 1981-2020
Forfatter: Guttorm Nordø
Forlag: Idiot Press (Norge)
ARTIST: Guttorm Nordø talks about the immediate as the only guideline for his art. One of the finest, most risk-taking and wittiest art books of 2021?

"You can paint with whatever the hell you want," he wrote Guillaume Apollinaire, according to the visual artist Guttorm Nordø (b. 1960).

The newly published book TEXT! Art and such 1981-2020 (Idiot Press) is a continuation of a previous release ¡Ink! 1988-2019, a collection of marker paintings and marker drawings (2019). This time it is Nordø's texts, arranged for four decades from the 1980s until 2020, from the first fanzine texts he wrote as a young writer, to the critique of the art bureaucracy he delivered as an established visual artist, from the self – portrait of the artist as a young man in the text Litj- Hitler to an e-mail interview with Nordø by photographer May-Irene Aasen.

In addition to working continuously as a visual artist, Nordø has run a book café (public information) and played in bands (Angor Wat), and his mail art collection has been purchased by the National Museum. Nordø held a farewell exhibition for Deichman's main library in 2016.

Opportunity to protest

Nordø is one of the leading managers of the fluxus- and dada-inspired art environment in Norway – where everything can be both art and crushed, and where the idea of ​​"here and now" dominates. Nordø itself has a background from Trondheim in a time of emergence of important political, art and action movements (the occupation of Vollan district prison in 1972, the UFFA movement from 1981, the establishment of the state Academy of Fine Arts in 1987 and the emergence of the punk movement, Wannskrækk / Dum Dum Boys, Studentersamfundet). Nordø's main tool is an enthusiasm for the potential of art. . .

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Marianne Solberg
Solberg is a new critic in Ny Tid.

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