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To be able to say goodbye

Where the Time Goes
Forfatter: Diane Jonte-Pace og David Pace
Forlag: Schilt Publishing (Nederland)
PHOTOGRAPHY: A monument to lived life or an edited photo album for those closest to you?

Where the Time Goes would not have been created unless David Pace had contracted a rare form of lymphoma, says initiator and spouse Diane Jonte-Pace towards the end of this photo book. It does not catch me immediately, but is read differently in light of the waiting time before the announced death. Snapshots from half a century of cohabitation, marriage, joint children and travels from countless latitudes give room for reflection that one can never be so resourceful, but still weakly equipped to say goodbye.

In meeting with the photo book, it is not the quality of the pictures, but the project's function that fascinates. For the Pace couple, the photographs become a portal to another time, and collection and sorting is a possible coping strategy as they both need a joint project to gather around in the face of the inevitable cancer. Diane elaborates that the photographs make people aware of what is about to be lost. Her formulations can also be interpreted as an insistence that reunion activates memories that can be reclaimed.

As the disease took hold, David Pace's photographs elicited great support from. . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.
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