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To develop a new social housing sector

Carsten Boysen: A fair housing policy, Modern Housing
MODERNISM: Can today's anti-social urban and housing situation need more modernism? Two books highlight a belief in progress that society can change for the better.

The magazine The Economist wrote in April about "ballistic housing prices" during the corona crisis. But, the liberal newspaper continued in the leadership position, politicians must not be pressured and tricked into introducing rental regulations and other social measures for the housing market. What we need more is liberal reforms of planning and speeding up construction – do not forget the law of supply and demand, we were warned.

The leader was as taken from the discussion about the housing market in the 1800th century. No matter how bad it went, the answer was always the same: We need more liberalization!

Bauer and modern housing policy

An insight into 1800th century housing discussions is well presented in the masterpiece of the North American housing activist and urban researcher Catherine Bauer (1905–1964) Modern Housing (1934), which was republished last year.

The book provides a detailed overview of 19th century slum formation and ungovernable urban development. When the American city is ruled by private speculators, Bauer shows, housing becomes. . .

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Alf Jørgen Schnell

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