To fill the void

Late summer 2015 spends performance artist Marina Abramovic and psychoanalyst Jeannette Fischer four days together at Abramovic's Hudson Valley home. The book Psychoanalyst meets Marina Abramović is the result of their conversations. Here Fischer analyzes the relationship between Abramović's biography and art, based on the performances Untitled (Belgrade, 1970), Rhythm 0 (Naples, 1974) incision (Graz, 1978) and The Artist is Present (MoMA, New York, 2010). For each new topic of conversation, we get closer to the root of Abramović's art.

childhood Trauma

Pain as a phenomenon is repeated in all of Abramovic's performances. Pain gives a feeling to the fear, which has its roots in a violent incident in her childhood – performed by her father. Abramovic is six years old when his father has to learn. . .

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