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To maintain the occupation with silence

Working with human rights in Israel is getting harder and harder, and more and more organizations are being attacked. "The consequences of occupying another country have become a taboo topic," says one of those trying to break the silence.

"During the last two election campaigns here, the word 'occupation' has not been mentioned a single time," said Yehuda Shaul, 33, as he fiddled with his mobile phone.

"It says something about how normalized this situation has become. And anyone who tries to turn the spotlight on the occupation again becomes a threat to the government as well, "he continues, adding:" One of our members was just arrested by the police, so I just have to follow the phone in case he needs to help quickly. ”

Shaul is one of the founders of Breaking the Silence, an organization that does just that – breaks the silence by letting former Israeli soldiers share their experiences with the occupation. The organization publishes the testimonies of the soldiers, arranges lectures and provides guided tours where they tell about the experiences of the two- or three-year military service they conducted in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). During the nearly 12 years the group has been active, they have collected over 1000 testimonials.

The member Shaul refers to – he who has just been arrested by the police – is also a former soldier, now active in Breaking the Silence.

"Although there are relatively many who serve in the military, no one in Israel actually knows what happens during the military operations. No one is talking about the consequences of occupying another. . .

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Carima Tirillsdottir Heinesen
Former journalist for MODERN TIMES.

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