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Tolerance and pluralism

- Edward Said wanted to spread the power of definition. It must be central to a cultural radicalism for the 21st century.
  • Yes, I want to call myself a cultural radical, says Thomas Hylland Eriksen.

And the cultural-radical struggle is not won, he believes.

However, according to the professor, the tradition of Georg Brandes and the interwar period clovers consisting of Sigurd Hoel, Helge Krog and Arnulf Øverland must be renewed. If we are to believe him, the view of history they assumed is outdated.

  • The idea of ​​progress, that history has a direction, no longer has the right of life. As little as everything was better before, it can be said that social development is moving in a certain direction.

In addition, the fight for a freer sexual morality has been won. "Paperless marriages" are accepted by most people, abortion opponents are few and weak, and religion has loosened its grip. . .

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