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Torpedoing of metaphysics

Reality and its doubles. An essay on illusion
TRO: Rosset takes a hard line against the whole idea of ​​duplication between what we see and what "really" is behind it. This is escapism and reluctance
to see what we have right in front of us, he believes.

Clément Rosset (1939–2018) was a French philosopher who did not allow himself to be swayed by structuralism, phenomenology or other contemporary dominant directions. Most of his production consists of 30 smaller books where he addresses a specific problem and illustrates this with examples from the history of literature and ideas. Reality and its doubles from 1976 is the most important of these.

Rosset is based on the strange, but common, phenomenon that we humans imagine something other than what we actually see right in front of us. Faced with an unpleasant fact, we choose to imagine it really. . .

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Kjetil Korslund
Historian of ideas and regular critic in Ny Tid.

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