THE TECHNICAL POWERS / Two new books on people and technology: We are all influenced by the pressure chamber social platforms that Facebook creates. And what about NRK, should they actively participate in such a development?


Man and the techno-powers. What do the new technologies do to us?
Author Dag Hareide, Aschehoug

The big game. How to survive in the age of algorithms
Author Bår Stenvik, Cappelen Damm

Gandalf rides on the eagles' back to Doomsday Mountain and saves Frodo and Sam from death. The free citizens of Midgard emerge victorious from the battle of Mirannion, and Aragon is crowned king by Gondor. The hobbits can go home to a party in Hobsyssel, and so the third term ends. But where is the Gandalf of our time? Who can save us from today's Saurons, the techno-powers, who are already well on their way to consuming our soul and our identity?

It does not take much imagination to imagine the conservationist, public debater and human rights activist Dag Hareide as one. . .

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