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"Traumatizing for the kids"

Jon Ole Martinsen and NOAS are critical of the police coming and picking up asylum seekers at night or early in the morning: "We have been notified that the police have broken open the door of a toddler family."


The Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) is critical to the practice of police arriving early in the morning or at night to send out asylum seekers. "It's important to take into account that this seems traumatic, especially for the kids," says senior counselor Jon Ole Martinsen, adding:
“Many asylum seekers have a great, subjective fear of being sent back, and this is compounded by the fact that the police come at night. This goes beyond the sleep of many, and is an additional mental strain. You have to use judgment, especially for families with children, ”says Martinsen.

Broken down door to toddler family. Martinsen says they have received reports that police broke open a door to a toddler's family at an asylum reception in Trøndelag. "We received reports that the police arrived between five and six in the morning. They knocked at first, but when no one opened fast enough, the police broke open the door. In the room inside there lived a toddler family. The family was given 20 minutes to pack and get ready to travel, ”the senior adviser says. He is strongly critical of the procedure, and believes this creates unnecessary fear and stress during dispatch.

Believes Norway is breaking rules. NOAS believes that supervision of the methods of sending asylum seekers is working poorly today. In addition, they believe that Norway violates the EU directive for returning asylum seekers. In 2013, the organization came up with a report and review of the return system. One of the conclusions is that NOAS believes there must be an independent and open supervision of the entire return process.

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