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Three avid debutants

Three different debutants delivering promising novels. Time will show who is able to follow this up by delivering new interesting novels.

The debutants got a lot of attention a few years ago when they came out with their fiction books, this trend has reversed in the last couple of years and as a debutant you are not guaranteed attention at all. Ny Tid has covered three of this autumn's novel debutants and is taking a closer look at the books.

The possibilities

I The possibilities by Cathrine Knudsen we meet two I-tellers Mona and Rune, the two are siblings and struggling with the relationship with an alcoholic father.

The novel starts with Mona meeting the father in the childhood village, this meeting is undramatic and the father's constitution is not revealed. But the fact that the novel starts with a meeting with his father indicates his importance. The action is then moved to Bergen where Mona's everyday life is portrayed, primarily the job at an institution, but we also know that she writes.

When the viewpoint changes to Rune, he gets the father to visit Trondheim and the father is made clear as a person that is difficult to relate to. Furthermore, it is told about Rune's daily life with work as a night watchman at an institution, and about a relationship he initiates with a woman.

After the introductory parts, their lives are left in. . .

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