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Threats with invasion

Turkey demands Kurds delivered from Iraq. That puts a serious squeeze on the United States.


[Kurds] Turkey has warned of possible military operations inside Iraq. The threat has led to an agreement by the United States, Iraq and the NATO country that members of the Kurdish Labor Party PKK who reside in northern Iraq should be apprehended and sent to Turkey.

The United States is closely allied with the authorities of the two Kurdish provinces in Iraq, which are not interested in extraditing their Kurdish brothers. This puts the Americans in a serious squeeze between two important allies in the region.

"So far we have not been happy with the US handling of the situation," a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry told Ny Tid.

Turkey believes the US is not doing enough to chase the PKK out of Iraq.

"We will take the necessary action," Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier this month when asked about a possible military operation in northern Iraq.

The statement came after the PKK, according to Turkish authorities, has attacked Turkish soldiers from bases inside Iraq. The US ambassador to Turkey stated on Turkish television that unilateral military action across the border with Iraq will be unwise.

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This prompted Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to call the United States a double standard, because the United States allows Israel to attack terrorists in Lebanon, but will not allow Turkey to do the same in Iraq. USAs. . .

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