Trump as the left's birth assistant

Mikkel Bolt: Trump's Counter-Revolution Publisher Nemo. Denmark

Trump's counter-revolution
Forfatter: Mikkel Bolt
Forlag: Forlaget Nemo (Danmark)
Trump could cause a vital and far-left side to finally be formed in the United States.


Writing a book about Donald Trump is obviously no easy task. It is no more than four months since his presidency began. Barely a day passes without drama, and with the appointment of a special prosecutor in connection with the Russian relations, it may seem that national law is a real possibility. In other words, the Trumpian saga is not over – on the contrary, it has hardly begun.

As the day-to-day plays such a big role, it is the media that has so far been the most important information provider and analyst. But even if to a certain extent they manage to capture what is happening in media res, the whole and the relationships are often left out. We are served almost only fragments.

Trump's myth about the people, about the split and the threats, about the leading unit founder and rescuer is enough to link him to fascism.

Great again. In the relatively short but very interesting and well written Trump's counter-revolution The Danish academic and activist Mikkel Bolt sets out to provide a more comprehensive analysis. . .

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