Trump's raucous racist rhetoric

Race and America's Long War Author
BIOPOLITICS / Does the public notion of order necessitate extreme violence against specific population groups (natives, blacks, Muslims etc.)? May 5000 poor and lost migrants meet by a wall and mobilize 15000 soldiers?


The approx. 5000 people's large group of poor and lost migrants who have traveled on foot from Honduras to the United States through Guatemala and Mexico, according to Donald Trump, poses a threat to the United States. The so-called caravan is nothing less than an invasion that calls for the mobilization of 15 000 soldiers and, of course, the fulfillment of Trump's key election promise: the wall to close the US southern border to Mexico.

According to Trump, the caravan consists not only of criminals from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, but also terrorists from the Middle East. Not that there is that big of a difference for Trump; all are the enemies to be kept out of national space. Confronted with Trump's raving racist rhetoric, one often overlooks the continuity between his late fascist policies and his predecessor Barack Obama's intensive use of drones to liquidate so-called terrorists in foreign countries without any judicial process or ruling. Obama approved more than five hundred drone strikes, ten times as many as below. . .

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