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Safe energy

Energy Security
Forfatter: Roland Dannereuther
Forlag: Polity Press (UK)
Energy Security provides important knowledge about the interaction between energy security, economic growth, ecological sustainability and social justice. 

Those who think that "energy security" sounds like a dry and uninteresting topic should think again. Basically, energy is the engine of modern society, and therefore a topic we all benefit from learning more about. Roland Dannereuther views energy security as a value for state, society and individuals – but also a value that constantly violates values ​​such as prosperity, sustainability and justice. To illustrate how these both interact and stand against each other, the book discusses the relationship between energy providers and consumers, national and international interests, between different energy markets (coal, oil, gas, nuclear and renewable energy), between economic actors and political strategies, and between history and contemporary.

Energy Security is a balanced, well-written and perspective-rich book with a clear common thread, which manages to provide a comprehensive presentation of this complex multidimensional field. Dannereuther never succumbs to the temptation to reduce it all to one explanatory variable – on the contrary, he opens up for a deeper understanding of what is at stake through his many different approaches to the topic. Along the way, he alternates almost seamlessly between the naturalistic description of the world as it is and constructivism's insight that reality is constantly being created and so on. . .

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Svein Hammer
Hammer is a dr.polit. in sociology and regular reviewer in Ny Tid.

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