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Safe streets – for whom?


This article was translated by Google and R.E.

In July, Nazis were given free space from public agencies to march on the street in Kristiansand. This has left us with a nauseous feeling. What happens to our country? What happens to our police? The police failed us when they gave the Nazis permission to march in Fredrikstad 29. July. They failed us again when they then decided to withdraw the permit because many of us were demonstrating against them – and felt that we were too well organized and potentially violent.
So that's how we're supposed to do it now? Antiracists should be handcuffed, while violent Nazis allowed to take to the streets with police protection?

No simple solutions. It is the job of the police to make us all feel safe. However, many of us do not feel safe when we know that people who threaten our security are allowed to wave their flags and express their wishes. . .

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