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Chernobyl victims

The Long Shadow of Chernobyl – A 20 Year Retrospective Photo Book
Forfatter: Gerd Ludwig
Forlag: Edition Lammerhuber (Østerrike)
ATOMIC ACCIDENT: While researchers argue about whether Chernobyl is the cause of malformations and cancer, photographer Gerd Ludwig works hard to document the victims of the world's biggest nuclear accident.

In the previous issue of Ny Tid we wrote about the popular series Chernobyl, which is streamed on HBO. The series has sparked renewed interest in and awareness of nuclear power and the dangers of nuclear power, and not least – awakening to the memories of Chernobyl, the largest nuclear disaster ever.

It took two days before the Soviet news agency TASS reported the accident. The fax from TASS is the cover of the book The Long Shadow of Chernobyl from 2014, which is still relevant. The award-winning photographer Gerd Ludwig has visited Chernobyl several times, the first time for National Geographic in 1993. It made such a strong impression that he later started a public financing to publish the book.

Ludwig has photographed the control room in both reactors 3 and 4.
© Gerd Ludwig

The photographs and the accompanying stories cover all aspects of the disaster: from the history of the victims – those who became ill and live with the consequences of the radiation. . .

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Iril Kolle
Freelance journalist, translator and graphic designer.

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