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Tunisia after the Arab Spring

TUNISIA: Debt, unemployment and slow-moving reforms – the country that recovered best from the upheavals in 2010–2011, still has major challenges. 

The Taj Sultan has five stars and a private beach, two swimming pools, one outdoors and one inside, a tennis court, a spa, of course, and a Turkish bath and a fitness center; it has a restaurant, a cafe, a pool bar and whiskey and darts, a park, and in the park a playground and an area for water sports, and another area for horse riding. It has rooms with massagers and jacuzzi. Hairdressing salon and beauty salon.

All this for about 30 euros per day.

And all five star hotels are like that in Hammamet. At the Hasdrubal hotel you can also get a golf course for five extra euros. That's how they're all here, and all over Tunisia.

How is it possible?

Unpaid debt

Tunisia is the only country where the Arab Spring did not fail. After 28 days. . .

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Francesca Borri
Borri is a war correspondent and writes regularly for Ny Tid.

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