Theater of Cruelty

UDI does not serve blank lies


In its search for a summer revelation in issue 25 (June 30), Ny Tid's journalist and editor presents allegations about the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) that can not go unchallenged. The starting point for the story is a hunger strike among Somalis at the waiting reception in Lier. To make it clear, the UDI has at no time intended to deny anyone to speak to or contact the activists.

I repeatedly contacted the reception and asked them to convey the inquiry from Ny Tid's journalist and give the activists his telephone number. This was done even though the activists repeatedly stated that they did not want the matter mentioned.

When another medium sought out the reception and got to talk to the Somalis, I reconnected with the journalist to make him aware that the Somalis would still talk to journalists.

It becomes both mysterious and on the verge of the dishonest how the editor and editor can then allow themselves to write that UDI serves blank lies, as it is called in

the leader, and has tried to prevent contact with these people, as stated in the preamble.

The UDI expects a critical look from the media and opinion. We have no desire for actions and protests from residents of asylum seekers to be killed. I made this clear to the journalist repeatedly.

Claiming that the authorities are afraid that the media will motivate the activists, therefore falls on their own unreasonableness.

Agnar Kaarbø,

Director of Communications,


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