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Inept leaders

ESSAY / Why are these overlooked leaders so hairy – like China, Russia, and America under Trump?

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

It was Ludvig Holberg who took first
in use the word «usurper» – (Epistle
) – in a Danish / Norwegian context, and only that to take
a look at the nature of the world is enough to emphasize the amount of them; of three
greatest is the American businessman and narcissist Trump, then
the Russian intelligence officer and international law lawyer Putin, saw it
Chinese dictator, engineer and lawyer Xi.

Two lawyers and a poser of one
businessman, but these divide the world between themselves, and what kind of game it is
they perform to maintain their positions as leaders of their three major countries;
it is a primitive form of state policy, and the status quo is more power, greater
land areas, as this primitive form of state policy is about
geography and on topology.

As it is also, and about quantities of weapons, of
the formats of their various war machines – to paraphrase Deleuze and Guattari
and their labyrinthine book A thousand plateaus – as if it is the size of the calibers and all the money behind that
teller; not to forget all the avid weapons engineers, factories like
produces the weapons; it is always the technological knowledge that counts, never
the human wisdom that comes into play and disarms these grown-ups
war machine inventors and their clappers, which is it either of monetary
reasons (Trump) or for Slavic patriotic reasons (Putin) or by
Chinese Asian New Capitalist Reasons (Xi), which really boils down
to the same thing: to retain power, and that is the status quo.

To become frozen

The different strategies are simple and simple with the three leaders; none can withstand criticism from their satellite states, or other states; this is a game the three can; in the American phrase, of course, the statement "You get fired" counts, with the other two it is worse, there it is over and out; it is not just fired, it is more to be frozen and never again taken into the heat; it is almost as if they are reacting as Catholics, where grace is suspended, and where the mother church turns away in shame; In Putin's world and in Xi's world there is no mercy, there is unkindness, and the one who falls outside is done, not just kicked, but forgotten and gone for good – this would have been Trump's love, but the American system is stopping him. But nobody stops Putin or Xi.

Russia and China are in the pockets of these two
the usurpers, but the United States is somewhere else, although Trump might have liked that the United States was
like Russia or China, not to forget North Korea, that is what is so
nice with America, that Trump can not act as a dictator; he wanted to
surely loved to be there and tell Crete and Pleti that they would be fired,
and what's worse, if they do not get together and he spoke by mouth, as
they do it in China, Russia and North Korea, but the US Constitution
is completely monopolistic, and completely different from Putin's Russia and Xis China.

USA, Russia, China

What will happen in America when the youthful opposition realizes, as they probably have already done, that many of the major signal buildings in the United States are built by slaves, or their descendants; the illegal Mexican immigrants, for Trump's tower would not have been built without the Mexican illegal immigrants, which he will now block out, but how is the US going to survive without the Mexican immigrants – all of America is made up of slaves and illegal Mexican immigrants.

It is always the technological know-how that counts the human wisdom that captures and disarms these overgrown war machine inventors.

There are rumors from Putin's Russia that
commanded in The Red Army lives on cabbage and has almost no income, sort of
the natural household has taken over for ordinary wages, as if the Russian
the state is broke, and what about the Chinese, who seem surprisingly rich, and
trying to get hold of unusual minerals from around the world – China, as always
were reservations vis-à-vis the rest of the world, are suddenly everywhere; but it is
unrest in the country, and it is said that there are several labor disputes there.

None of these leaders tolerate criticism,
why is China so hairy, as Russia is and as America is under
Trump; why are all these three heads of state so hairy; Putin hates it then
much that he gets, it seems, the criticism to disappear, and the Chinese introduce
trade blockade, as it was for a short period against Norway due to the support
to the Dalai Lama and the awarding of the Peace Prize to a Chinese opposition. And
the same with the US president, all those who would not stop
handle. . .

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