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"Inhuman and unnecessarily brutal"

NOAS and Secretary-General Ann-Magrit Austenå are upset over the treatment the Ghaneem family received. "It worries us that more asylum seekers have recently been thrown out, despite medical advice," she says.

The Norwegian Association for Asylum Seekers, NOAS, has followed the case of Mithel Ghaneem and her family. They are shocked by what happened.
"This is an unnecessarily brutal handling of a pregnant and vulnerable woman. It is also not a unique case – we are receiving several reports that sick asylum seekers are being ejected despite medical assessments and what the doctors say, ”says Ann-Magrit Austenå.

«This is bad. " The association of 12. January was founded in the aftermath of the Maria Amelie case, and is an association of volunteers working for asylum seekers' legal security. They cooperate with NOAS, and see the same tendency for medical certificates to be set aside when Norwegian authorities want to send out asylum seekers. Evy Ellingvåg is the spokesperson for the Association of 12. January, and closely followed the Ghaneem family when they were dispatched. «
This broadcast is unworthy and very hostile to women. I think most people who have been pregnant know how vulnerable you are in such a situation. It is also well known that after a spontaneous abortion one should have care and rest. In any case, you do not need to be deported out of the country with the rest of your family, "Ellingvåg says, adding:"
We can't stand this as a humanitarian nation, this is bad. "

"We are getting several reports that sick asylum seekers are being ejected despite medical reviews and what the doctors say."

Several women lost the baby. Mithel Ghaneem's story is not unique. Another woman who lives in the Rogaland area and who was also to be sent out of the country says that she too lost her child when the police came to send the family out. The woman does not want to appear by name, but she states that she spontaneously aborted and lost a child after police arrived and she was to be deported. She goes on to say that they were allowed to stay in the country after the spontaneous abortion, unlike the Ghaneem family. Since she is traumatized by the experience and also does not want to have problems with the Norwegian authorities, she does not want to give any interview beyond this information.

"Norway is criticized by the European Commission." NOAS has published a report on non-supervision of the way asylum seekers are sent out of the country. The organization is working on a new report on the topic. NOAS is supported in their assessment that Norway is currently violating the EU's rules for not having an oversight of forced returns in place. They are supported by the European Commission. The European Commission has sent a letter to the government asking Norway to follow the EU's return directive, and asks the government to create its own oversight of the forced release of asylum seekers. Lawyer André Møkkelgjerd of NOAS points to a lack of supervision of the police and the deportation procedures:

"In practice, there is no control body that supervises the work of the police. It is a major problem that weakens the legal security of asylum seekers, "says Møkkelgjerd to Ny Tid. He points out that the EU directive requires Norway to establish such supervision. In the letter to the Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen, the EU Commission points out that the audit should have been established five years ago. NOAS and Møkkelgjerd believe that there must be better insight into what PU does, in addition to there having to be real control. "What this family has been exposed to shows that we need better control and supervision," says lawyer Møkkelgjerd and adds to:
"They should investigate whether they have grounds to claim compensation for the treatment they were exposed to."

See the main thing about Mithel Ghaneem, who had a miscarriage, was handcuffed, stripped naked and deported.

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Øystein Windstad
Former journalist at Ny Tid.

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