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North Station
Forfatter: Bae Suah
Forlag: Open Letter (USA)
About the unstable, fluid state of being in a dream.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

To a certain extent, the introductions to the stories are deceived North Station. Bae Suah introduces people, plots and phrases you expect to be followed up, but instead the stories take new and unexpected directions. It is all reminiscent of the novels of Suah's compatriot Jung Young-Moon, where, as he writes, he consciously lets himself be guided by random impressions, whims, and associations and almost improvises a stream of (unlikely) stories and anecdotes.

The poetry of the place. It is possible that Suah is also improvising as she shapes her stories – the room of action is at least free and open where commuting between Korea and different places in Europe. Often a writer is involved in the action, either as a narrator or as a biperson, and the literature as such is treated with both ease and heaviness. The story "The Non-Being of the Owl" contains an existential and emotional seriousness that points directly to Suah personally.

In the stories where an author appears, it is taken for granted that it is about Suah himself – but first and foremost it is about describing a life as traveling and writing, about being in a strange and often unnamed place in Europe, Korea or China. What is particularly impressive is the lyrical basic situation the narrator manages to evoke. . .

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