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Wendy Brown: Undoing the Demos. Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution

In the future, we must think of "values" rather than "money," states state scientist Wendy Brown.

Wendy Brown: Undoing the Demos. Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution. Zone Books, 2015

? We know that capitalism is a bad thing – unless we have thought it out ourselves, we have it from a large number of thinkers on the left. Leading publishers like Verso Books and Semiotext (e) publish one book after another on neoliberal torment. Not that this is not in place, but one can occasionally get the impression that there is a lot preaching in excess for the church.
A good place to start, if you want to get in the flow, is Marxist David Harvey's writings, not least A Brief History of Neoliberalism (Oxford University Press, 2005). Here, the historical lines of the rise of neoliberalism – with Thatcher and Reagan in the lead roles, of course – are outlined better than most. One point Harvey is good at highlighting is how monetary values ​​not only control the financial world, but also our perception of what is valuable at all.
«The problem, therefore, for socialist, communist, revolutionary, anarchist or whatever, is to find an alternative value-form that will work in terms of the social reproduction of society in. . .

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