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Wonder as a way of life

We are here now. A philosophy of life
Forfatter: Jostein Gaarder
Forlag: Kagge Forlag, (Norge)
PHILOSOPHY / Jostein Gaarder conveys a mixture of worry and wonder.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Philosophy of life can be a bit of a dangerous activity to embark on. It quickly turns into loose wonder in a text without substance and rigor, where the author's pretensions boil over like porridge in an overcooked pot, and the contents flow outwards.

Jostein Gaarder has shown many times before that he masters the genre. I experience that his wonder is real, and that the concern that lies beneath, and that gives form and strength to the wonder, is also so.

This book is for his six grandchildren; they are the ones who will take over the earth. What exactly is he that an older man leaves them? This book serves both as a kind of summary of his earlier writings, and as an open letter to the world: "What does the world look like towards the end of the 21st century?"

The wonder of the world, of the fact that the world just as well could not exist.

I myself have only met Jostein Gaarder once, and it was at a Wittgenstein seminar at the Walaker hotel in Sogn, and I understand well why he was there: the wonder of the world, of the fact that the world could not exist as well as to exist, and what at all brought it to sudden existence, both philosophers have in common – although the way of expressing wonder is different.


The weakness of the book is that the author jumps too fast. . .

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