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Needless and no cannon

Feminists often complain about the male canon. Here are two women who just repeat it. Uncertain for what reason.

It has become popular to launch canon listings again; not least because of the choleric bulldozer Harold Bloom, who is gaining and intensifying the publication the more who judge his opinions north and down. By the way, Bloom has got a helping hand in Camille Paglia, which has probably made Bloom edible for newer radical and marginalized environments.

Scruella Servile

Ane Farsethås and Øyvor Dalan Vik, literary and film critic respectively in Dagens Næringsliv, will join essential give us an insight into the "classics of literature and film", more specifically 175 works in literature, drama and film. But the selection of fiction and fiction films is startlingly traditional. Dalan Vik, the woman behind the columnist pseudonym Scruella De Ville, claims: "During the work on this review, I have ended up in countless discussions, both with myself and colleagues." These discussions have been either futile or insignificant, because there are no traces of them in. . .

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Kjetil Korslund
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