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Upsete and Hunderfossen are rescued


The reactions have been many after Ny Tid's revelations about closures of train platforms in several places in Norway. In addition to Marnardal, local action groups have been formed for Guttersrud station, Upsete station and Svingen station. Mayors, welfare associations and commuter associations have become involved, and several signature campaigns are underway to preserve the stations.

Already the day after Ny Tid's revelation, there were positive signals about upgrading Hunderfossen.

Now it is clear that Upsete station on the Bergen railway will also be renovated. Here Upsetedalen Velforening was angry, because it was the Jernbaneverket's people who had removed the curb on the platform in connection with some work, and the Welfare Association felt that this was then used as an argument to stop train traffic.

- I just talked to the track manager at Bergensbanen. He aims to have upgraded and extended the platform at Upsete already this summer, says Inge Hjertsaas in Jernbanetilsynet Region Vest.

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