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USA in free fall

The US as a superpower will end faster under Trump, according to Johan Galtung.

Johan Galtung (b. 1930), the sociologist who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, now warns that the worldwide power of the United States will collapse during Donald Trump's reign.

The Norwegian is a professor at the University of Hawaii as well as Transcend Peace University, and is recognized as the founder of peace and conflict studies as a scientific discipline. He has made several accurate predictions of major world events – the best known of them about the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

Johan Galtung. Photo: Morten Holm / Scanpix

Faster towards the cliff. Galtung also predictably predicted the Iranian revolution in 1978; the riot at Tienanmen Square in China in 1989; the economic crises of 1987, 2008 and 2011; and he even predicted the attacks against the United States on the 11. September 2001, according to the late Dietrich Fischer, who was the academic director of the European University Center for Peace Studies.

The first time Galtung predicted that the "collapse of the United States empire" would occur within a maximum of 25 years was in 2000. . .

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Nafeez Ahmed
Ahmed is a columnist for the online magazine Motherboard.

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