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Benjamin T. Lynerd: Republican Theology

The idea of ​​the Bible ruling over people's everyday lives and social and public life still lays a governing hand over the Republican Party in the United States. 

Benjamin T. Lynerd:
Republican Theology. The Civil Religion of American Evangelicals
Oxford University Press, 2014


Have you wondered how classic American libertarianism can reconcile with restrictive morality? Why is evangelical Christianity such an important part of American politics? What is the reason why George W. Bush could so convincingly declare his "crusade against terrorism"? How is it that God always interferes with the country's domestic and foreign policy activities? Why has evangelical teaching, with an emphasis on creationism and anti-darvism, impacted so many schools in the United States? Have you wondered what preceded American McCarthyism in the 1950 century? Why did Ronald Reagan, as soon as he became president, begin a long-standing partnership with NAE (The National Association of Evangelicals)? In that case, the political philosopher Benjamin T. Lynerds Republican Theology. The Civil Religion of American Evangelicals good answers to these questions.

Hard work and virtue. "Republican theology" is based on Augustine philosophy, and is an amalgamation of political and religious thinking that assumes that no human being is sinless, and therefore hopes for spiritual change of humanity through dyd and. . .

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Henning Næss
Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.

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