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Without a thread?

Jens Bjørneboe is currently accused of writing the seized Without a Thread. What motivates this seizure and the current lawsuit?


Of: Johanna Schwarz, June 3, 1967

The Swedish translation of the seized in Norway Without a thread, has proven two things. First, it has once again made it clear that what one cannot prevent should one be careful about prohibiting. The book has, as far as I understand, come into the thousands, not to say many thousands of homes and thus made Swedish book exports a valuable service. The other thing that has been proven is that Norwegians can read Swedish very well, if they only want to.

Deserve this work then all the free advertising passed by the prosecutor's office?

No and yes. The author himself mentioned in a private conversation with me that he regards the book as a work of less depth. On the other hand, he has not wanted – nor been able – to do anything meaningless. No one can run away from their own talent and commitment. As far as I can see, this is also a trend novel and, as such, goes into the long line of debate posts that have flowed out of the author's pen.

If you ignore some beauty errors, I do not realize, why not this book should be able to take its natural place in the line of the author's other fictional works. It actually does so through its central content, a thought that emerges in everything Bjørneboe has written, whether the book now happens to be about experiments with people in the concentration camps or asphyxiation of children's emotional lives in modern schools, whether he writes about unreasonable treatment of traitors or ordinary thieves: This red thread, which is also found in the book, which is alleged to be without thread, is the author's indignation against those who treat fellow human beings as objects. It is the fundamental immorality, and at this point the author does not know of compromises. If people happen to exceed the outer limits of what has been given the bourgeois honor word "normal" does not matter. It does not rule out that they can show respect and consideration for their fellow human beings. And this is what it depends on.

Abbreviated version of the original article.
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