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Challenging climate sobriety

Ending Fossil Fuels: Why Not Zero Is Not Enough
Forfatter: Holly Jean
Forlag: Buck Verso (USA)
ECOLOGY / We need such voices as Holly Jean Buck, who criticizes wishful thinking – precisely to help bring forward a hopeful, serious and long-lasting climate fight, beyond all easy optimism.

Holly Jean Buck is known for the book After Geoengineering (2019), also published by Verso, where she takes a stand against the wishful thinking that a soft climateconversion will solve the problems. Some afforestation here, some electric cars there – and then solar and wind power do the rest? The message of this first book was that we will hardly be able to maintain sound climate targets of a 1,5-2 degree rise in the global average temperature – and that we will have to resort to both geoengineering and regenerative strategies on an enormous scale. Getting the excess carbon in the atmosphere back to land is a titanic task that can only be solved if the carbon accounting becomes a large part of the culture and everyday life of all people.

Oil, coal and gas still provide 87 percent of the world's energy, while renewable energy is at 5 percent, hydropower at 6,4 percent and nuclear power at 4,3 percent.

In the new book Ending Fossil Fuels: Why Net Zero is Not Enough she continues a sober critique, where she lets the numbers speak for themselves: We must cut emissions by 4 gigatons per year, but in practice plan to increase emissions by another 2 gigatons annually. We are here the humans on planet earth. Not bad multinational companies, first and foremost, but national oil companies like Equinor, which together with for most unknown companies like Petrobas, Sinopec and Pemex account for over half of oil productionone on the globe. Like Equinor, these have national economic interests and jobs to take into account, which also affects. . .

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Anders Dunker
Philosopher. Regular literary critic in Ny Tid. Translator.

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