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Infection tracking, monitoring and consequences

Surveillance: How much freedom do you really have, if your movements are restricted by a corona pass and you get fired if you refuse to be vaccinated?

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Iril Kolle
Kolle is the editor-in-chief of Ny Tid.

[Addition to mention of Vaccine intake by Trond Skaftnesmo. Part 1 can be found here. ]

The previous tracking app failure in Norway is known, however then came a new one app. Whether it suffers the same fate with few downloads remains to be seen. As of February 22, the app has Stop infection has been downloaded more than 100 times in Google Play. There are other tools as well. IN Vaccine intake depicts a scenario where you sneak out on a glorious sunny day, walk on the beach and «hear the hum of a drone that after a few seconds recognizes you and says: It is from Helse Vest. You are identified as NN. You have broken the quarantine rules and are fined. You must go home immediately, otherwise the police will be called. The drone follows you home ».

Unlikely? It depends on how the vaccine program works, and on how the coronavirus develops further. For how can virus outbreaks and populations be controlled? A key word is EI – Epidemic Intelligence, as mentioned in Lars Thor Smith's Chronicle. EI involves the monitoring and control of pathogens with a view to an early assessment of and warning to the population about threatening epidemics of infectious diseases. The first system for monitoring the spread of infection under the auspices of the EU, The European Surveillance System (TESSy), is headquartered in Sweden.

Mandatory testing

We have already had a legally disputed quarantine hotel for visitors, where the bar association thought the scheme needs to be scrapped. Later, there was a commotion about the investigation of a curfew. The measures against the pandemic can be anything from surveillance to control – testing, tracking and restriction of personal freedom. According to the book Vaccine intake implements New Zealand quarantine clay and forced coronation testing.

The government issued a press release before Christmas that from 2 January 2021 there will be a test obligation for all arrivals from abroad to Norway, including Norwegians. Violations can be punished with fines. The test obligation came 9 months after the outbreak and there are many exceptions. VG reports on 2 February that the Entry Register has registered 180 border crossings since its introduction in January, where 204 travelers were exempt from quarantine requirements.

In Hong Kong, they use other methods. The inhabitants go there with electronic bracelets – but also an app installed on the mobile phone that notifies if you are near an infected person. The Chinese company Hanwang Technology is among several that have developed a technology to recognize people with face masks, and according Vaccine intake drones have patrolled neighborhoods in China to check if residents wear masks or stay indoors (also discussed at Businessinsider). China's mentioned Zhima Credit system measures citizens' social credit and punishes the individual who breaks the law – with sanctions such as that they get neither loans nor opportunities to travel.

A register is created for those who refuse to be vaccinated

Curfew and vaccine refusal

In Spain, there is now an alarm condition (not an emergency condition) and a curfew between 23 and 06, valid until May 2021. The vaccine is not mandatory. But the Spanish Minister of Health reports that a register is created over those who refuse to be vaccinated. One should be able to check if a person has said no – for whatever reason. The intention is for everyone to be offered a vaccine, the health minister claims in one interview with the TV channel La Sexta.

The register is not public, but Spain will share it with other EU countries – "something we also do with other treatments", says the minister. "International organizations, and in Europe in particular, recommend that we share information on pharmacovigilance and vaccine processes," he added.

The employer demanded that all employees be vaccinated. When she wanted to postpone the vaccination time, she was fired.

Skaftnesmo quotes a post in Dagens Medisin that "we must not get into a situation where […] corona passport is a prerequisite for working or getting a job". On February 17 this year, we read about American Bonnie Jacobson (34) who worked as a waitress in New York. She is trying to get pregnant and did not want to take the coronary vaccine. The employer demanded that all employees be vaccinated. When she wanted to postpone the vaccination time, she was fired.

Jacobson emphasizes to NBS News that she is not opposed to the vaccine, but was unsure how the vaccine would affect her chances of getting pregnant.

In Denmark, there have been riots in Copenhagen in February, where people are protesting against the corona measures and digital vaccine passes while the new pandemic law is being debated. The majority, outside the government, will change the Pandemic Act (see main). The demonstrators believe (according to NRK) that a digital vaccine passport will imply that it is mandatory to be vaccinated, and that this constitutes further restrictions on personal freedom.

The aviation organization IATA wants to issue a digital travel passport.

Corona passport on mobile?

So-called corona passes are being discussed to speed up the economy and tourism. The international aviation organization IATA wants to issue a digital travel passport that shows whether the holder has been tested for and / or vaccinated against corona. A mobile app is expected as early as March 2021. And New York Times reports that a number of airlines will launch the health app Commonpass, which will eventually also function as a vaccine pass. A QR code then informs the airlines if you can travel on certain international flights.

Vaccination doctor Gunnar Hasle at the Travel Clinic pronounces to VG that it is only when there is data that indicates that coronary vaccines protect against transmission, that vaccine certificates and travel passports make sense. Then he reckons that both airlines and nations will demand proof that travelers have been vaccinated – as is now required for yellow fever.

And Svein Aarseth, doctor and head of the Council for Medical Ethics, writes in a post in TNL: "I have trouble seeing the utility." He points out that a corona passport can be misused. WHO warned in April 2019 against issuing an 'immunity certificate' – as there is currently too little known about proven antibodies and the risk of infection in the vaccinated person. It is important to distinguish between a vaccine card and an immunity certificate, says one WHO spokesman for Newsweek. WHO has begun to look at how standard paper vaccine evidence can be digitized.

Part 1: About the book Vaccine Coercion

ALSO READ  author Trond Skaftnesmos posts with corrections to MODERN TIMES 'book review.

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