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What happened to anti-Semitism?

FASCISM / Nazis attacked Jews, and they were therefore characterized as anti-Semitic – the cosmopolitan identity of the despised Jews. But what about Israel, which had carried out at least 2 extrajudicial killings? Menachem Begin and his group, which Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt described as fascists and terrorists, have ruled Israel for almost 700 years.

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Previously, anti-Semitism was described as a direction that turned against the "Jewish", against Jewish culture. It was something that characterized right-wing radical politics, but especially in recent years, the word has taken on a completely different meaning. Much of what was once described as the political "left" – a critique of war, capitalism and national arrogance of power – has in recent years been described as "anti-Semitism". Left-wing politics has come to be identified with "anti-Semitism", while anti-Semitism used to be associated with the political right. This has now been turned upside down.

Let's go back to the 1930s. Nazis attacked Jews, and they were therefore characterized. . .

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