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Guarding the Northern Territories


Head of SV's International committee in Troms, Arne-Johan Johansen, puts in a column in Ny Tid # 42 focus on the High North. His input differs in some key areas from Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre's presentation of the Barents 2020 action plan in Tromsø on 10 November.

Johansen's main point, that Norway should set its own requirements in the back seat rather than environmental safety and protection, we find little in the action plan. That SV here is the loser in the Government was clear already before Soria Moria. Barents 2020 signals: yes please, both. High activity of any kind will safeguard Norway's interests, and give us the opportunity to set the premise for the environmental regime as well.

Johansen leaves a few questions unanswered:

- That Norway and Russia must find an agreement is obvious, but in which areas? The dividing line question is just a bit in. . .

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