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Selected the targets of the cluster bombs

Norwegian radars helped British artillery kill Iraqis in Basra with cluster bombs. Norway cannot possibly play a leading role in the cluster bombing issue internationally, says an expert.


[Artillery radars] Norwegian Arthur's radars pointed out targets that were bombed with British cluster bombs in the Iraq war. At the same time, Norway is crystal clear that our cluster bombs will not be used in international operations. Human Rights Watch states that ground-based cluster bombs were the weapon that killed most civilians in Iraq in the first phase of the war.

In the movie A Little Piece of Norway that appeared on TV 2 this week, it is revealed that Norwegian radars helped British artillery find their bombing targets during the 2003 Basra invasion. Human Rights Watch, it becomes clear that the targets were bombed with cluster bombs.

The purpose of the British loan of the Norwegian radars was precisely to locate Iraqi bombing targets for their own artillery. It is also confirmed by secure sources in the Army.

The renowned military magazine Jane's Defense Weekly stated that the four Norwegian and four Swedish radars together had pointed out 1500 bomb targets in Iraq.

The so-called cargo grenades that the British fired in Basra are relatively widespread cluster munitions and of the same type as. . .

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