Whistleblowers – People's Enemies?

The Norwegian branch of the freedom of speech organization PEN marked the announcement day 5. June by supporting the alert website WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange, currently in prison in the UK awaiting the extradition hearing scheduled for February next year. On the same day, notifications and lawyer Kari Breirem presented their book Promote justice and prevent injustice – about corruption, legal security and notification. Kari Breirem is undoubtedly Norway's most significant warning. She has not been afraid to stand up, neither with her own warning nor in defense of others. Ny Tid meets Breirem at Bondeheimen.

«Alerts are honored in the party speech but hidden in the alley behind the banquet hall.» Is this a characteristic you share?

"Yes actually."

"I know what it means to notify." . .

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