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Our future with bitcoin and blockchain

Are bitcoin, crypto and blockchain a hype that will burst? Cryptocurrency purchases are not impossible to track.


The year after the financial crisis in 2008 became cryptocurrency bitcoin created as an alternative to a suspicious financial economy. Bitcoins founder Satoshi Nakamoto wrote both code and protocols based on new ones blockchain-technology. But it is probably only now, ten years later, that we are seeing an economic breakthrough of significance for crypto currency – simply called krypto.  

Hype or opportunity?

For many, crypto can create alternative, non-capitalist and more solid forms of economy. Many today want to free themselves from capitalism where it has too much power or seems oppressive, and through the use of cryptocurrency, these more equitable relations and autonomous communities. Others, on the other hand, view crypto technology as mere sabotage – as the undermining and theft of larger companies, banks and government institutions. 

One may ask whether the entry of cryptocurrencies into the world market has a socially changing and dissolving effect – as. . .

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