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The world's new enemy

The Coming War On China
Regissør: John Pilger

John Pilger's documentary is a compelling vision of an upcoming war, and an insistent plea to Western audiences to rethink what they think they know. The movie is now available on DVD.

Tanned war correspondent and journalist John Pilger has long been an outspoken critic of US foreign policy, and what he sees as the country's imperialist agenda. He has long been a prolific documentary filmmaker for television, though The War on Democracy (2007) – an indictment on interventions in Latin America – his documentaries also included cinema rights. His last full movie, The Coming War on China, focuses on the so-called "turn toward East Asia": the United States' increasing awareness and commitment to the Pacific, part of a policy of isolating China, in order to preserve US hegemony in the region. Pilger's approach to the cases he is working on has always been marked by a strong commitment, rather than a "balanced presentation" of a case's two sides. It is a truth that must be revealed to "ordinary people": Western media's coverage of the world's news image is skewed and does not deserve their trust.

As expected, there are no pretensions of cool distance in The Coming. . .

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Carmen Gray
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