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The allurements of space

Space Forces – A Critical History of Life in Outer Space
Forfatter: Fred Scharmen
Forlag: Verso (USA)

The architect and writer Fred Scharmen has written a thoughtful book about living in space – which we so far only do on small space stations orbiting the Earth. Life in the room is above all charged with ideology, prejudices and unconscious longings and assumptions. The analysis of these is the book's common thread.

The Space Force was officially instituted by Donald Trump when he signed The United States Space Force Act in 2019, which with great pathos declared the US military's presence and important tasks in space. Not long afterwards came the TV farce Space Force em>#, in which Steve Carell plays the general who will lead this new military unit together with a group of frustrated astronomers. Air Force and Navy generals laugh behind his back, while shallow PR people try to maintain a public facade that space, the Moon and Mars really do matter. Here has space travelone ended up as a joke, a useless game for geeks. 

Russian Cosmism

Fred Scharmen's rich book Space Forces starts far from such farces: In Russia's high-pitched philosophical mindscape over a hundred years ago.

The very earliest space philosophers in the Soviet Union were inspired by Jules Verne, the founder of . . .

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Anders Dunker
Philosopher. Regular literary critic in Ny Tid. Translator.

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