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"We're not going to get back until Dilma is back" 

"We are not interested in dialogue with Michel Temer's new government, we want to rule it," says the occupants as since 16. May has besieged the old Ministry of Culture in Rio de Janeiro. 

They are located in a tent on the messanine in the historic building in downtown Rio. The Gustavo Capanema Palace was designed by celebrity architect Oscar Niemeyer and decorated with tiles and artwork by Candido Portinari.

Between 50 and 100 people – musicians, artists, students, actors, a little baby under a thick duvet in a stroller – has since 16. May occupied the messanine and the second floor of the building. They survive on donations from unions and other sympathizers, asking for everything from water, mattresses, dope paper and toothbrushes on Facebook.

"Our goal is to govern Michel Temer's government. We do not want any dialogue with a government that takes us so many steps back in so many areas, "Rachel Dias and Júlio Barroso, two of the occupiers, told Ny Tid. Barroso was one of the initiators of the action, which started as a spontaneous protest against the interim president Temer closing down the Brazilian Ministry of Culture when he took over.

Across the country, protesters have occupied public. . .

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