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Village life in the West Bank

TRAVEL LETTER: Palestinian Minister of Culture and award-winning author Atef Abu Saif will highlight the rich cultural heritage and bring art to the people.

The afternoon light is soft in Ramallah during autumn; as the sun goes down, the city is packed into golden haze. The season's first rainfall just washed the olive trees clean; the harvest can finally begin. International solidarity activists have already arrived in the West Bank to protect the olive farmers attacks by Israeli settlers.

The annual Palestine Heritage Week will be held just before the harvest starts in full, with village festivals in every nook. This year will be complicated by the celebration of Israel introducing power cuts for the villages, which will have to cope for a whole week without electricity. The Occupation Authority claims that the Palestinian authorities have not paid the electricity bill. The Palestinian Authority (PA) accuses on its side Israel for withholding cash payments to PA. . .

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