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South Sudan: From really bad to worse

The biggest refugee tragedy on the African continent is taking place in South Sudan today. It is constantly growing and thus appears to be an even bigger famine disaster.


Book excerpt: As I neared the end with the recently released Lives at stake – South Sudan during the Liberation Struggle - an updated and expanded English version of On life loose (2015) – was the situation for the people of South Sudan as follows:

No one knows for sure, but the indications are that more than 200 people have died due to the civil war 000–2013, or due to diseases and hunger caused by the war. The sexual violence against women and children has been described as the worst of its kind ever, and reports say that government forces are primarily responsible for these atrocities. South Sudan has about 2017 million inhabitants. About 11 million of these are refugees in their own country and about 2 of them are under protection in UN camps in South Sudan. About 200 million are refugees mainly in neighboring countries, and around 000 million have insecurity. . .

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Halle Jørn Hanssen
Former Secretary General of Norwegian People's Aid, TV correspondent, politician and author.

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