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Witness the fencing of his own sex

Arab Film Days: A vivid and genuine portrayal of a political fiery theme, where the pre-pubic, tough little sister acts as an extension of the audience's gaze. 

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Sand Storm (original title: Sufat cho) Director and script: Elite Zexer

In a Bedouin village in the desert of Israel, eldest daughter Leyla helps her mother Jalila dress up for a party. Jalila is clearly tense. The reason soon becomes apparent: A white-clad, heavily made-up bride arrives at her house to celebrate a wedding among the village women. The groom celebrates with the men some distance away. It is Jalila's husband Saliman who has married for the second time the much younger Affaf. True to tradition, Jalila is the hostess of her new rival, who will live in a separate house with Saliman, while Jalila and the couple's four daughters. . .

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Hilde Susan Jaegtnes
Author and screenwriter for film and television.

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