Violence is politicized, and politics becomes violence

Violence and Political Theory
Forfatter: Elizabeth Frazer, Kimberly Hutchings
Forlag: Polity Press (Storbritannia)
VIOLENCE IN THEORY AND PRACTICE / The world is violent. Do we get bogged down by the rhetoric of violence?

In June 2020, President Donald Trump threatened US citizens with military power and wanted 10 heavily armed soldiers in Washington's streets. He asked the governors not to be "stupid idiots" but rather to physically strike down the protesters. At the same time, federal police attacked tear gas and rubber bullets against a group of protesters near the White House, including those in the press. Trump later walked across the same square with a Bible in his hand. First some violence, then some peace on earth.

President Trump is accused of committing violence. He is aggressive in his talk of the press, and long before the now world famous black American George Floyd was killed by police, Trump talked about the police having to start getting a little tougher in their turn. . .

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